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Freedom - A Parallel State Event

7November Bristol PS CROP

Eelyn Lee has co-curated the next Parallel State event around the theme of Freedom. The event will be broadcast from a virtual Bristol, a few days after the US elections.  Speakers include Dr Shawn Sobers, Zakiya McKenzie, Roseanna Dias and Tim Knowles.  The event will also feature new work commissioned by the Parallel State from artist Joyce Treasure and musician Lavz, together with poetry from Jon Dovey and music from Roney FM.

Eelyn has asked the four speakers to respond to the following provocation,

- Referred to as the Land of the Free since the lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner were penned in 1814, America is supposed to represent liberty and opportunity. What does freedom feel like in Bristol and how does it speak to the structural failures of the UK and other failed states? With these thoughts in mind, what could freedom mean in the Parallel State? -

The Parallel State is a breakaway state - a space to collectively imagine alternative solutions to life on earth. Free from the constraints of being in constant opposition to the failed states in which we live, it is a space to build knowledge, to organise and prepare new visions for better ways of living. This is the first of a series of online themed events that will lay the foundations for a Parallel State Summit.

FREE tickets can be booked here.


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